Monday, October 23, 2006

Banglalive chat is a finest web based banglachat the web ever have. In this chat User s can write in bengali. They only have to have Java 2 runtime Environment in their Machine.
Here we have two types of chats
1. Public Chat
2. Private Chat

In public chat banglalive specified 11 public rooms for their users. In this room users can lo on and chat directly in the Web

In Private chat users can create their own room and invite banglalive users who are online then and chat in their private room where nobody can enter without the permission of the administrator (i.e. The private room owner) of the room

For chat users must have:
1. Java Runtime Environment
2. And you must have a banglalive id

And enjoy chatting in bengali.

This chat is specially for bengali people worldwide but they have a option of chatting in english and they are thinking of introducing other languages llike hindi etc.

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